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  • 59225-ontrack-easyrecovery-box

    Ontrack EasyRecovery

    PROS / It has powerful filtering tools to help you sort the large amount of data the software can recover. CONS / The software misidentified some files formats in our testing. VERDICT / Kroll Ontrack EasyRecovery Professional proved especially adept at recovering Microsoft Office files from our tests, and it was extremely fast and easy […]

  • free-recovery

    What You Need to Know When Downloading Free Data Recovery Software

    How to recover lost files from a hard drive through free data recovery software? Are there limitations? As simple as it may seem, yes. How to restore lost files from hard drives? There are several features to look out for. The best free data recovery software has to be easy to use on different operating […]

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    Stellar Phoenix

    PROS / Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery Professional allows you to search for any file type. CONS / It took the software much longer than average to recover our test files. VERDICT / While Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery Professional takes longer to get your files back, it obtained some of the highest recovery success rates in […]

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